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Letter from the mayor

On behalf of everyone from our fair city, welcome to the official Holiday, Illinois website. We are big time now! We are proud and pleased that this official website can tell you everything you need to know about Holiday.

Our great city started off as a simple farming community way back in 1842, located just a hop, skip and a jump from Chicago, and a skip and a jump from Plimpton, Illinois, whose farm team, the Plimpton Parakeets, have made this neck of the woods a baseball powerhouse once more. Go Keets!!

We have a thriving population of 842 humans, not to mention our farm animals and household pets. The fruits and vegetables that come from the rich earth of Holiday are as good as it gets in these United States of America.

Our community enjoys the wide-open space of the country with the amenities of a city, like fine dining at Cranky’s Café, or Mort’s Handcrafted Coffees, which are said to be the best in the world. (By Mort.)


We’re a culturally rich community that prides itself on our history. It was in 1921 that Clayton Prentiss Ecklund came to Holiday all the way from London, England. Mr. Ecklund was set on making it big in California, but he never got further west than Chicago. He took over a small hotel there and sold it for a nice profit, then discovered a small gem of a town down the river  named Holiday. He sure liked what he saw, and Clayton Prentiss Ecklnd decide to settle down right there. He would build a magnificent hotel, The Ecklund Plaza, which remains the hub of our fine little city.

While you’re in Holiday, be sure an give a listen to our radio station, KHOL-FM for daily events and upcoming festivities and tune into our nighttime nostalgia show hosted by Jess Brown, the town’s honorary historian, just like her mother before her, and her mother before her. You read that right. You see, folks tend to stay around Holiday and raise their families here. We are proud of our town, its safe neighborhoods and beautiful lakes, farms and parks. We share a deep sense of community. Why, on any summer night you may find us gathered under the stars at the band shell, listening to the sounds of the Bert Beezus Band. If we’re real lucky, one of our young’ns, Annie Shalen, may take a turn at the microphone and belt out a tune. If you like a town where there are more kids playing on the baseball diamond than on the Internet, Holiday is the place for you.

One more thing—I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Stan Morton for coming up with this newfangled website idea, which he felt we needed to become real contenders in the tourism industry.

Mayor Fitzsimmons Kilpatrick

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Clayton Pretntiss Ecklund

He is the unofficial founder of Holiday for his contributions to the culture and public spirit of our fine town.


Ecklund Plaza

Ecklund Plaza, the region’s most luxurious hotel. Mr. Ecklund always said that his guests should be treated like royalty and he did his best to make that happen.

Jess Brown

Meet Jess Brown, disc jockey of the town’s radio station and Holiday’s unofficial historian—much like her mother and grandmother before her. Jess is as devoted to stray animals as she is to her listeners, just ask her father, Doc Brown, farm vet and curator of her ever growing collection of cuddly castoffs.


Holiday loves its dogs...

Sparky is a fine beast.
Looney Luna enjoys her first Halloween!

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